Shades of Gray

"Jill, get in here quick," is what I heard from Matt late one night last week. He was in the bathroom getting ready for bed, and the tone of his voice sounded much different than his normal quiet, even keeled temperament.

"What is it," I called back to him as I slowly began to get up from the computer chair. "What do you need?" I wasn't really in the mood to go check up on him, I was engrossed in an eBay auction and I didn't want to be bothered.

"Jill, hurry, COME HERE," he yelled again, this time with more urgency.

I peered around the corner and cautiously moved towards the bathroom. His voice sounded funny, and I didn't know what to expect. Did I forget to flush? Did the girls get into my makeup tray again and smear lipstick around?

I saw Matt's reflection in the mirror. He was staring intently as something, though from my angle I couldn't quite tell what it was. I walked closer towards him when I noticed that he was picking at his hair.

"What are you doing?" I asked him sarcastically.

His response, "Jill, what is THIS? Is this what I think it is?" The "THIS" he was pointing to was a hair... a gray hair... to be more precise... his first gray hair. "Yup, sure is," I laughed at him. Clearly he wasn't laughing back.

Matt has always joked about the kids stressing him out to the point of losing hair, but the fact is, he has a great, full head of it. He's doesn't have a receding hairline. In fact, it grows so fast I often wonder if he's related to those darn Chia pets. Apparently though this wasn't a laughing matter. Matt probably spent 15-20 minutes searching his head. He took out another mirror, he dimmed the lights, he looked himself in every possible angle. He found one more gray hair.

Of course I couldn't contain my amusement. He was going this crazy of 2 measly gray hairs? I quickly got my camera and started snapping away. "Grab your gray hair and look over this way," I said to him. I snapped a few photos of him, of his hair, which irritated him to no end. "You are NOT going to post these photos in that *beep* *beep* blog of yours," he snapped at me. "You do not need to be telling everyone every aspect of my personal life."

A few minutes passed and I walked over to him, pulled my hair into a semi-ponytail to reveal my scalp, and showed him my MANY gray hairs. "Ever wonder why I get my hair dyed dark brown," I asked him. "It's to cover this... you... *beep*!!!"

Despite his hysterics, he's a long way off from Grecian Formula or Just For Men.

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