It's Been Super ...

What a weekend.  What a week.  What a month.  What a ... eh, however long it's been since I last filled you in on the latest.  As always, the pictures here speak volumes as I'm never without my handy iPhone camera to capture every moment.

Especially these ... my very first (and quite possibly last) Rock 'n' Roll DC 1/2 marathon.  13.1 long miles run in quite chilly temps.  I ran this with my "Super" chicas ... the same girlies that ran the Marine Corps Marathon 10k last October

We may be smiling, but it was only about 30ish degrees out.  Yikes!

L: Mile 6  and R: Mile 10  
Who doesn't stop for selfies mid-race?
Lucky for me, Heather and I are perfectly matched runners.  

See the Capitol in the background?  Almost there ...

One of the benefits of running with a super star looking to set a personal record, is that she crosses the finish line about 30 minutes before you ... and waits patiently with her camera to snap photos of you! 

We did it!  And of course, had our obligatory Starbucks "sippy" shot afterwards.  
Our reward for a race well run!

Today marks our 14th snow day this school year.  Need I say more about that?

We also battled a horrific stomach bug that all 3 kids (and Matt) have caught over the past few weeks.  As soon as one started to feel better, another went down.  And hard!  Sheridan had it the worst, vomiting more than I've ever seen anyone puke in one day.  Here she wouldn't let me leave her side on the couch. 

Then Grady got it ... and passed out in his bed.  Riley was the last kid to fall.  Thankfully we carry puke bags in our car at all times. 

Girl Scout Cookie Season has come and (almost) gone.  I'm the cookie mom for our troop and over the last month I picked up 104 cases (1248 boxes of cookies) of which, 900 or so were sent overseas to our Foreign Service Friends.  Oh that was a lot of fun ...

While I didn't snap a photo of the birthday boy on his special day last Saturday, I did manage to take a picture of his gift.  Yes, this IS what Matt wanted for his birthday.  You know you're getting older when your wish is for more suction, I mean household appliances. 

Oh, he also got a fab dinner in DC and a night at the Ritz Carlton.  Sans kids.  So life isn't too shabby!

Other than that, we got our housing assignment in San Salvador.  From the looks of it, I think we'll be very happy.  Matt has 3 ish more weeks of Spanish before his "big" test.  I'm still working almost full-time as a substitute.  And here are a few of my latest Facebook posts. 

Happy St. Patty's day from the O'Perlmans!  Wishing you warm weather and little shoveling!

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