Scenes From An Italian Restaurant

On February 12th, my beautiful baby girl turned 11.  ELEVEN!?  She is a full-fledged tween, needing to use three hands to count how old she has now become.

She had two birthday parties ...  opting to spend quality time with her two separate groups of girlie friends.  I triple heart that decision!

Some pictures from both her special days ...

Mani / pedis and Benihana?  Don't mind if we do!

An Italian Feast Extravaganza at our house?  Be still my garlic tasting heart!

The maitre d.   He played the part quite well!

The chefs and servers.  Some of us won't be quitting our day jobs.

Did you hear about snowmageddon?  Our first REAL snow storm since we've lived here in Northern Virginia for almost three years!  This bad boy took these bad boys (and me) almost 4 hours to shovel.  I'm quite sure that this is one thing Matt won't miss when we move to Central America.

And how can I forget to post pictures from our Roving Dinner that we attended a few weeks back?  66 couples came together for a night of tapas, cocktails, and wicked hangovers.  Four rounds of parties, each lasting 50 minutes.  We hosted the third round at our house.  Can you guess the theme?

Stay tuned to next time when we *may* actually have some information about our move, our Medical Clearances, my upcoming 1/2 marathon, Matt's language class and selling our house.  There's never a dull moment here at Casa de Chaos ... just very few of them to actually update y'all in a timely manner!  Until then. 

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