Time Keeps On Slippin' Slippin' Slippin ...

The movers come in less than 3 weeks.  Which means I have only 2 weeks left to order / purchase anything that we want packed up in our shipment.  

Panic. Has. Set. In.

I stopped working full-time last Friday so I could devote my energy on our pack-out.  I thankfully forgot how much work it is preparing for an international move because otherwise one would be insane to move as often as we do.  It's not like you can just 'wing it' and wait until the few days before the movers come to get organized.  HECK no!  As each segment of our move is weight-dependent, every item in the house needs to be scrutinized to decide if we want to keep it, store it, chuck it, send it by air or ship it by sea. 

As we've seen pictures of our beautiful home in San Salvador and spoken with many people at post, we're taking more of our personal items and furniture than we have in the past.  This is causing a wee bit of angst as we are perilously close to tipping the scales of our 8000 lbs HHE (House Hold Effects) & UAB (Unaccompanied Air Baggage) shipment.  When we left India, we shipped 156 boxes totaling 6926 pounds.  When we left Israel, we shipped 182 boxes totaling 7028 pounds.  This may be our heaviest shipment yet!

With my mind wandering and filled with all the things I need to accomplish before we move, I have once again neglected to post any pictures or updates from Casa de Chaos.  So without further ado, here's what's been happening in our neck of the woods.

April 21 ~ Dear friends from India came over for dinner.  It was a great time catching up and comparing notes about our next posts.  In unrelated news, if you ever want to take THE most flattering photo, make sure you take a "selfie" of an entire group and hold the camera just under your chin. 

May 3 ~ Girl Scout Father / Daughter dance.  Riley went with her two BFFs and her dad.  I swear if you don't look too closely at the picture of her and Matt, she looks a tad like me! 

May 5 ~ Nothing like dressing up as your favorite hero for school, and seeing that your BFF is also wearing the EXACT same costume.  #swoon.  And seriously, this is the text I received from Matt while I was at Riley's softball game.  Gotta love the Nest.  I swear he wouldn't know what to do without me! 

 Mother's Day ~ Need I say more? 

May 14 ~ Little guy turned 5.  FIVE!  I can't believe it.  Time keeps on slippin' ... 

May 18 ~ Cousin Justin (Aunt San and Uncle Geoff too) is here in DC on a whirlwind trip.  Such fun getting the cousins together again, if even for a brief dinner.

And now, back to organizing.

Send. Sanity.

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