Our New Car

We did it!!! We bought a car in Chennai. Over the past month we've been looking online to see what kinds of cars were available there, and have even contacted a friend at the Ford Dealership here to purchase a new car with right hand drive and ship it directly to India. While it didn't look to be a problem to purchase something there, we'd still have to rent a car when we got there and then spend the time test driving, negotiating, etc. When we received an e-mail from the Community Liaison Office last week about this car for sale, we jumped at the chance. It's a 1993 Toyota Prado Land Cruiser. It's an automatic, 7-seater, with gray velour interior. It takes diesel fuel, it has a 10 disk CD changer, and best of all... it's already pre-dinged. Wahoo - we're set when we get there! Now all we need to do is sell my Land Rover.... anyone interested?

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