Putting One Foot In Front Of The Other

I have a large calendar that sits directly next to the computer on my desk.  Every day has something scribbled on it to remind me which kid has what activity; Yesterday a food drive.  Today a World Diversity Culture Fair.  Tomorrow no school.  Friday an Easter Egg Hunt.    

Some days don't need any reminders, for they carry their own invisible red circles around them, never letting me forget.  Almost two months, and it is still unbelievably surreal.

We stay busy here.  For sanity's sake.  For my well being.  Sitting around a house does not do any of us any good.  So we fill our calendar with activities, sometimes with school schtuff which is entirely out of our control.  We sponsored a new family who recently arrived here in El Salvador.  We took the kids to a Broadway Show.  I put together a wickedly successful Progressive Dinner for 35 families at Post.  The kids have attended 5 birthday parties.  Riley's had a Science Fair Project and a Science Club Event and a never-ending eye infection.  There's been baby showers and teen bowling night and an Embassy Easter Party.  We've had several of friends over for dinner and been invited to many dinners as well.  Riley celebrated her 12th birthday.  Matt celebrated his 40'ish birthday.  My in-laws came to visit for 6 days.  
I have been applying for jobs here at post.  So far I received one offer for a full time position.  I'm still waiting to hear about my first choice position.  It's been a long, frustrating process, that has caused many sleepless nights and a lot of head shaking.  With almost 15 years in the Foreign Service, the bureaucracy and bullsh*t never ceases to amaze me.

Sheridan lost her 20th and final baby tooth last month. She came barreling down the stairs to show us and squealed with excitement that she couldn’t wait to put it under her pillow and see what the tooth fairy would bring on her final visit.  Ever so tired, I looked at her sweet, bloody mouth, raised my eyebrows and slowly shook my head.  So she shrugged her shoulders and said, “Okay - how about I just put it on your desk and go grab a $20 out of your wallet instead?”

I'm thankful that life still finds a way to move on.  Even if it is one slow day at a time.

Riley's Science Fair Project.  Which won the 6th grade Best Overall Project at the school. 

The girls learning how to surf.  Riley is on the short board on the left.  Sheridan is on the long board on the right.

Matt's birthday was celebrated at a coffee finca, where the kids rode horses, toured the coffee plantation and learned the entire step-by-step process of how coffee is grown, picked, dried, bagged, sorted and sent off.  

We also rode ATVs.  As you can see, Sheridan's driving scared the daylights out of me ... and I *may* have needed to change my underwear when we got off.    

The Embassy Easter Party.  Where the kids spent a lot of time chasing chickens.  And ducks.  And bunnies.  And cocks ... of which Grady was quite enthralled and which deserves a crude joke all on its own.   

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