A Nice Surprise

My aunt and uncle from Indianapolis are in Israel for two weeks visiting their granddaughter Eden ... and their son and daughter-in-law too! We saw them this past May when we did a stop-over in Chicago to visit the cousins on our way back to Israel, and before that they were here in September, 2006, for Jeremy and Yaara's wedding. Last night they drove up to Herzliyya to stay with us, to store luggage, and use our house as a launch pad to their next destination. While cooking dinner we were greeted with a few more visitors ~ my cousins came to show off their new baby and to get ready for a wedding in Tel Aviv. They stayed long enough to learn how to discipline a 3 year old eating (or rather playing with) dinner. It was a short visit, but we quickly caught up, I snapped a few photos, and sent them off with two bags of baby clothes.

My aunt and uncle left this morning for more shopping and sight seeing, but will be back to spend the weekend with us. Good thing because Riley thought that she didn't get to say goodbye.

Jeremy, Riley, Eden, Uncle Paul, Sheridan, Auntie Debbie, Yaara

Sheridan & Riley with Eden ~ The girls with Jeremy, Yaara, and Eden

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