It's "Uncle" Nick!

We just returned from a fantastic lunch (well as fantastic as it could be with 2 fidgety, overtired girlies) in Jerusalem with Nick, an old friend from Oman. He's here leading the advance team for Secretary Rice's upcoming visit this week. We met him at the King David Hotel and walked to a little Italian eatery right around the corner. It was a quick visit ~ he had to get back to meetings and the girls needed a nap. Nick has been here several times with the Secretary of State, but it's the first time I've been able to see him (Matt usually works the detail with him... but not this time as he's getting prepared to do the VPOTUS detail next week. More on that later).

We've visited Nick and his bride Alison at both of their posts since Oman... we spent a week with them in Budapest, and met up twice in D.C., most recently in January on our way back to Tel Aviv from California. Hopefully Alison can make it out here in May before we leave for our home leave in California and then onto Chennai. Hint, Hint, Hint!

....Sheridan took this photo...

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