International Night

My girlies' school is big.  BIG.  As in, the LARGEST elementary school in Loudoun County with almost 1200 kids, big. 

So it's no surprise that the International Night, held last Friday, was a smashing success, with more than 1000 people attending and 33 countries represented.

I was showcasing the Sultanate of Oman.  And I brought some of my tea kettles, picture albums, Omani dolls, pashminas, and Khanjar to share.

Oh, and of course I wore my abaya.  And head scarf.  Just because I know how much it embarrassed my girls. 

Kids and their families went around, visited all the countries, and had their "passports" stamped.  They usually stopped for a few minutes to look at the pictures and ask some questions about the country.  I liked to tell the story of Matt repelling down the cave at the Majlis Al Jinn.  Or show pictures of Sheridan's Arabic birth certificate.  Sometimes I even pulled open the Khanjar.

While I didn't make it to see any of the booths, my girls hit every one.  Pretty cool, eh?


Today, I Am Thankful ...

... that only about half of these 49 USPS boxes, filled with Girl Scout Cookies to be sent to our Foreign Service friends overseas, required me to fill out customs forms!

Cookies to be shipped out on Monday.  After I buy more tape to close the rest of the boxes ... Who knew this many cookies would require more than 2 rolls??


Double Digits

Today ...

SHE is 10.  

Somehow, with just a few blinks of an eye, she went from this ...

                      1 month                                       1st bday                                     2nd bday

                              3rd  bday                                4th bday                            5th bday

6th bday                         7th bday

                                                       8th bday                           9th bday

To This ...

 Okay.  Maybe not quite like this...  But it sure feels like we're close.

We celebrated her birthday last Saturday with a gaggle of her girlie friends, doing the one activity she truly loves.

Twelve of her nearest and dearest harnessed up and for almost two hours climbed the walls at our local rock climbing gym.  We went there several months ago with my brother, and knew instantly that it was where Riley wanted to have her party.

The girls bounced around.  They climbed.  They wasted ate pizza.  And snarfed down cupcakes and juice.  The perfect amount of time for a perfect party.  Short.  Sweet.  And not in my house, so nothing for me to clean up.  Score!

They left with a very small treat.   Clever, no?  Of course, I can't take any credit for coming up with this ... my mind was absolute mush by the time I finally got around to thinking about give-aways!

In all, a very special party for my very special first born.

Happy 10th birthday Riley.  We love you!

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