A Weekend To Remember

This past January, when my parents were visiting us in San Salvador, my brother Randy received the great news that he had been selected into our High School's "Hall of Fame". 
Last weekend, I surprised my brother and made a quick trip up to San Francisco for the induction ceremony. 

 So fun to also see my high school gymnastics coach (and sitter when my folks went out of town.)  Who is also Clint Eastwood's ex-wife!
 Why yes ... my dad was also inducted into HIS Hall of Fame for wrestling.


Because Who DOESN'T Let Their 5 YO go Ziplining ... 400 Feet Above A Coffee Finca?

Last weekend my dad came to town for a quick visit.  We had been talking about taking the kids ziplining for awhile, but we waited to do it with him as we knew he'd enjoy it. 

None of us had ever been before (not just here in El Salvador, but ever), so we had no idea what to expect.  The guides gave us a quick explanation about the 14 line tour, how to hop on, hop off, where to put our hands and how to stop.  All in Spanish. 

And then we were off! 
The girls went first. And then Grady.  Who, despite being JUST 5 years old and weighing ONLY 40 pounds, was allowed to go.  Like all things Salvadorean, it was, "do it at your own risk despite your age or size." 

We started off slow.  A mere 60 foot long cable, no higher than 16 feet off the ground. 
Before we knew it, we were soaring 410 feet ABOVE the coffee finca ... on a cable 900 feet long. 

Then my son got stuck.  And had to be rescued.  Which I think scared me far more than it did him. 

Thankfully his apprehension went away rather quickly as he hopped back onto another cable, and down he went. 

I'm glad I looked at the map after we went rather than before ... otherwise I don't know how comfortable I would have been anticipating the ridiculously high cables. 
As you can see, the kids truly enjoyed themselves.  
 I think I'd go again too ... just next time I'll bring another pair of underwear with me. 

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