It's The MOST Wonderful Time Of The Year ...

Why YES, it IS Girl Scout Cookie Time.  And this is our fourth and last year of shipping these tasty little treats to our Foreign Service Friends at ANY Embassy or U.S. Consulate in the world!

Just like in previous years, we do not want to step on anyone's toes.  So if you are living stateside, or you have a Girl Scout Troop at your post, please order from them.

But the rest of you who have an APO, DPO, FPO or pouch address should get your orders ready!

This year, our Girl Scout Service Unit is only selling these top 6 most popular cookies at $4 / box.

Here's how to order:

1) Attempt to narrow down how many boxes you want (versus how many boxes your eyes and stomach want.) 

2) Send an email to DSforGS@yahoo.com by Saturday, January 18th, with ...

* Your Name
* Your Post
* Your Address
* Exactly how many of each kind you'd like

3) I will send out an email invoice letting you know I received your order, your totals, and the address to PayPal the money.

4) The cookies will be in on February 19th, and my daughter's Girl Scout troop will be handling the sorting and packaging of all the FS Girl Scout Cookies as part of their Community Service project.  Our goal is to have the cookies in the mail within a week.

It's THAT simple.

We will be shipping the cookies in the USPS Flat Rate boxes.  The current APO/FPO rate is about $15 for a 12" x 12" x 5 1/2" box ... and we can fit 8 boxes of cookies in them.  And as an incentive ... you pay the first $12 / box, and we'll pick up the rest!

A wee bit of additional information :

** If you are at a post overseas, pass along this information to ANY of your friends.  We would LOVE to outfit your entire Consulate or Embassy. 

** Consider combining orders with your friends to help reduce shipping costs.

** Over the last three years with another FS friend,  we've sold over 2000 boxes of cookies to 50+ countries to FS personnel. 

Now what are you waiting for?  Happy ordering!


We. Are. Blessed.

Here's to an amazing week spent with dear friends ... family ... friends who feel like family ... health ... happiness ... and holiday cheer.

Thursday, November 28th.  Thanksgiving Day.

Friday, November 29th.  Working at the homeless shelter.

Saturday, November 30th.  Impromptu trip to Philly.  To have lunch with uncle Scott and Sierra, who were in town visiting her family for T-day.

Saturday night ~ November 30th.  Visiting Sheridan's camp BFF ... for her mom's fancy schmancy 40th birthday party.  Another impromptu visit ... where we invited ourselves to their shindig.  And were SO glad we did.  


Happy Thanksgivukkah!

It's difficult to imagine that in one of the most affluent counties in the United States, there are those who still cannot afford to put food on the table.  A number of these families have children who attend our elementary school.  As a substitute teacher I have become familiar with their kids, and its heartbreaking to see and hear about their hardships.  This year, in the true spirit of Thanksgiving, I helped organize a community food drive to assist them during the holidays.

About a month ago I asked the girls to give me their Hanukkah lists.  At first they were so excited, grabbing several sheets of paper and sharpening their pencils.  However, when it came time to give me their lists, they were virtually blank.  Aside from a small handful of items, they couldn't think of anything they wanted. 

Our kids live a very comfortable middle-class suburban life.  Their wants and needs are generally satisfied.  Consequently, when the girls encountered difficulties generating their Hanukkah wish list, we realized it was time for a change.

This year, we're introducing our Season of Giving.  The kids are foregoing a couple of nights' Hanukkah gifts and using their own money to purchase presents for community children who are less fortunate.  Additionally, during this year's "Black Friday," the three of them will assist Matt in serving a Thanksgiving lunch at a local homeless shelter. 

Our intention with all of this is to demonstrate to our children that with privilege comes responsibility.  We're hoping to to reinforce a sense of community and instill altruistic values.

Of course, Matt and I are also keeping our fingers crossed that our efforts will help whittle away those major chips on their shoulders ...    


Well Hello There Stranger!

When you take a three month blogging break, there's absolutely no way to go back and detail everything you've been up to since you took your unintended bloggy vacation.  Especially when you've gone back to work almost full-time, you're still handling the PTA President responsibilities, your kids are in activities every-single-day, you've become active again in the DS spouse group, you still have all of the household responsibilities, you're already prepping for your move next summer, and somewhere in all the chaos you'd like to think you have some semblance of a social life.  There are days I'm surprised I can find my own ass with two hands and a map ...

I just can't complain.  Because life is good.  Really good.  The kids are happy and healthy.  They're girls are doing well in school, with BOTH receiving straight A's on their report cards.  Grady, at 4 1/2, is reading on his own.  I'm subbing an average of four days a week.  We're doing activities as a family. Matt just started his Spanish classes. 

But don't worry.  I haven't lost my snark ... it's just on hold.  So stay tuned while I fill you in with LOTS more pictures about the latest happenings at Casa de Chaos.  Fourty-four to be exact.  Aren't you excited???  

Anybody?  Anybody?

It's nice to be back.  Did you miss me?

Obligatory first day of school photo ...

September 7th ~ Riley participated in her first ever kids triathlon ...

September 22nd ~ The girls and I ran in the DC Color Run ...

October 10th ~ DS Spouse dinner ...

October 11th ~ Another major rainstorm ... another MAJOR leak.  In fact, Madonna called and asked for her boob back from my ceiling. 

October 12th ~ More DS fun ... especially when the kids get together.  A first time meeting where kids always turn into fast friends!

October 14th ~ I almost chopped off my finger ...

October 18th ~ Sheridan's BFF from camp drove down from the Philly area and spent the weekend with us. 

October 27th ~ I ran the Marine Corps Marathon 10k with some of my DSS lady friends!  Don't you just love the course that I ran?  As it was mighty cold that morning, the course seemed much smaller than it looks here ...

October 31st ~ Gratuitous Halloween Photos (for the grandparents of course!) ...

November 2nd ~ Our first 5k as a family!  To be fair, Gray just ran the mini-mile ...

November 4th ~ After another hard drive issue, my "baby" spent a week in the Apple Hospital ...

November 12th ~ Fixing the leaks, replacing the drywall and carpet.  Again.  For the FOURTH time.  Not that I'm counting ...

November 16th ~ The kids first college football game. 

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