It's An Honor ...

First quarter report cards came out and despite all the changes this year ... both girls made the Honor Roll (which consists of getting above 80% in all classes). 

Of course, Riley took it one step further and was one of only four students in the entire 6th grade to make the Principal's Honor Roll (which consists of getting above 90% in all classes). 

These girlies?  They make us proud! 


One Day He WILL Learn ...

... when looking for a playmate.

Stay. Away. From. The. Older. Sister.

Pictures meant to embarrass the guilty, and WILL be kept for a Bar Mitzvah and/or wedding slideshow. 


Shaken ... Not Stirred.

There was a whole lot of shaking going on tonight in Central America.  Just before 10 pm, a 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of El Salvador, providing a free roller coaster ride for a whopping 20+ seconds.  Too bad the kids slept through it!  Luckily, we are safe and sound ... though maybe a wee bit anxious. 

Now, I am no stranger to these large rumblers.  Despite growing up in Northern California and experiencing both the 1989 San Francisco Loma Prieta earthquake and losing my apartment to the 1993 Northridge earthquake, there's one thing I can say with absolute certainty. 

They never get easier. 

If we're lucky, the only things shaken for the next 2.5 years will be our martinis. 


A Day Of Good For"tuna"

Today we participated in ILEA's (International Law Enforcement Academy) 2nd Annual Fun Run & Obstacle Course.  The girls and Matt ran the 3k with the Marine Detachment, while I ran with the slow zebra Grady and a few Embassy ladies.

The course was comprised of a traditional road race coupled with ten military-type obstacles, to include: monkey bars, balance beams, scaling 6 foot walls and a rope swing over a 10 foot mud pit (Grady's favorite, of course).

The day started off with group calisthenics, an agility challenge sponsored by the Embassy's Green Team and a lot of whining.  Thankfully, by 8:30 am we were off!

Riley joined the Marine's in the front, while Sheridan impressed everyone with her skills on the monkey bars.   Of the 400 or so racers, both girls placed first in their age divisions, with Riley actually the first female to cross the finish line.  

As is Grady's style, he complained during the entire 3k.  However, he managed to complete the race,  sprinting to the finish line through a gauntlet of cheering supporters as he was one of the youngest competitors. 

Each finisher was awarded a "medal", made of ecologically friendly recycled cardboard (much to Grady's chagrin as he was hoping for a medal made of metal).  And in addition to their trophies, the girls also received a small package containing a water bottle and three cans of tuna.  Because nothing quite celebrates the thrill of victory like diving into a tin of fish.

"Sorry, Charlie."


You Know He's A 3rd Child

With Yom Kippur upon us, I really need to atone for being such a fair-weather blogger. 

And forgetting to share this picture.  Do you spot what's missing? 

Oh, and I should definitely atone for being such an awful Tooth Fairy. 

After two nights in a row of FORGETTING to visit, Sheridan yelled down the stairs on her way to bed, "Remember that the Tooth Fairy needs to come ... and she leaves $2"

Mom of a 3rd child FAIL. 

Here's to ... A New Year.  A healthy 5775.  An easy fast. 

... and to a better mom blogger! 

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