Matt Turns 29..... Again

For the past eight years Matt has been celebrating his 29th birthday. Unfortunately this year the Vice President kept him from spending it with his family. Matt has been in Jerusalem for the past week preparing for the upcoming VP visit, and won't be home until next Tuesday. Sigh. So I decided to bring the party to him.

I hired our maid to stay with the girls on Saturday night, prepared their dinner and breakfast in advance, detailed their schedule, and then got all gussied up to see him. We went out to a nice restaurant not far from his hotel. We had a great evening together, followed up by an even nicer night. We did the nasty "S" word thing that married people with children rarely do anymore... Yes we did .... we had sleep! If you thought I was going to say anything else, shame on you. For one whole night I didn't have a little munchkin (or two) waking me up for a drink, to snuggle, to go to the potty, to change the sheets because we didn't make it to the potty, to snuggle, for a drink, and to snuggle some more. I also didn't have a 4-legged fur ball licking my face at 5:45 am and wanting to go out and have a little breakfast. No sirree, I slept until 8:48 am. I would have slept longer except my maid called because Sheridan wanted more pancakes and she didn't know how to make them. Go figure.

While a great evening was had by all, we can't wait for daddy to return home next week so we can have a belated birthday celebration with cake and frosting.


Emily said...

Happy birthday, Matt! Aries, right? Like me. :)

Jill said...

He's actually a Pisces. When is your b-day?

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