Like A Fine Wine ...

I'm hijacking the blog today to pay a very special birthday tribute to a beautiful and loving wife, devoted mother, caring community leader, and loyal friend.  

As everyone is well aware, Jill has had a very challenging year managing our world in my absence, and in honor of this special day, I offer her my warmest wishes for a Happy 40th Birthday!  For the past 16 years, Jill has been my best friend, my beloved, my confidant, my co-parent, and my raison d'être.  I love her with all of my heart.  

Having missed a number of important familial milestones, I am very excited that Jill and I can celebrate this happy occasion together.  As is typical around here, her day will inevitably be overshadowed by the end of the school year, Sheridan's dance team auditions, and preparations for our upcoming family vacation.  However, for this brief moment, let's raise our collective glasses and toast the birth of a woman who during her 40 years has managed to profoundly touch us all.  Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!

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