Feliz Año Nuevo desde El Salvador

As the New Year quickly approaches, it seems only appropriate for me to close out 2014 with one final update ... filled solely with a picture dump of what's been happening since the last time I've blogged.  Forgive the brevity of words ... for it's been a long month, and while I'm usually quite verbose, this transition from 2014 to 2015 has left me with too many thoughts to put on paper.  

Until I find my voice again, enjoy our month of December. 

November 29th ~ Girls shopping trip to San Sebastian, Ilobosco and Suchitoto where we purchased gorgeous textiles ... and quite possible the overly exposed lady as well.  Because who doesn't want an extra pair of nipples hanging out in their dining room?

 December 5th ~ I learned to make sushi.  It tasted just as amazing as it looks!

December 7th ~ Matt's dear college friend Craig is in town.  We spent the weekend playing tour guide and even hit a place we'd never seen.  Here we are at the Mayan Ruins in Tazumal.

December 9th ~ Holiday Party at the Ambassador's house.

December 12th ~ RSO Holiday Party ... I made all the desserts.

December 13th ~ Holiday Party at the Embassy.  Grady stood in line to take a picture with Santa. Alone. TWICE.  This on the heels of a MAJOR meltdown he had earlier that week when he came home from school hysterical saying, “I’m the only kid in my class who doesn’t celebrate Christmas… and I don’t understand. We don’t even LOOK Jewish!"

December 16th ~ Latke Party at our house ... for 70!  

December 18th ~ Tried my hand at sushi ... and guess who loved it?

December 19th - 22nd ~ Road Trip to Antigua, Guatemala.  An epic 4 day vacation that requires its own blog post ...

December 24th - 29th ~ My brother in law Adam, my brother Randy, and his friend Jeff visit us in El Salvador.  Another whirlwind windshield tour ... as we hit the beach twice, take the kids surfing, hike the tallest volcano in San Salvador, eat at a few fun restaurants, visit the Mayan Ruins, make home made pasta and a few other delicious meals ... and of course, drink lots of red wine.

Felices Fiestas ... with love from the Perlman Family.  
May your 2015 be filled with Happiness, Your Families with Good Health,
and Your Home Stocked With a Never Ending Supply of Batteries 
so Your Kids Can't Complain that their "Listening Ears" Didn't Work ...

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