You Know You've Adjusted to the Israeli Culture When...

10) You take directions on a map with a grain of salt ~ there are three names to every street and nobody knows where they are going

9) You expect to see a few people urinating on the side of the road on any given outing

8) You eat salad for breakfast

7) You have less than 1 second to start driving once the light turns green before the cars behind you begin to honk

6) A cell phone is an appendage rather than an accessory

5) Parking karma is any spot on the sidewalk in front of a store

4) Thirty minutes late is considered early - forty-five minutes late is on time

3) You wonder why people have a use for fancy clothes

2) You automatically open your purse, pocketbook, briefcase when nearing any public building entrance

1) You find New Yorkers pleasant and laid back


Emily said...

Salad for breakfast? Really?

karey m. said...

same same...except salad only if you've soaked it in cleanser for 30minutes.

and in jordan...we honk BEFORE the light changes.

who would've thought that, to chill out, you'd need to return to new york?!

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