We Hit The Lottery!

No, it wasn't money that we won, it was the satisfaction that we finally found a punishment that had an affect on Sheridan. As many of you know, she is one stubborn cookie! In 3 years, 2 months, and 12 days we had yet to find anything that bothered her. You could take away toys, desserts, privileges, put her in time outs, threaten her, send her to her room, or dare I say spank ~ and nothing, I mean NOTHING worked. She may cry for a brief moment, but she'd end up finding something in which to amuse herself in every situation. Until today...

She hates, despises, utterly detests standing in a corner by the front door with her nose against the wall. There's nothing for her to grab, and if she turns around all she sees are the staircases leading up to the bedrooms or down to the play room. Utter desolation.

Sheridan was sent there twice today. Once for walking down the front steps and out the front gate onto the sidewalk to chase a friend after both I and the maid told her to not to. The other time was because she didn't help her sister clean up the play room after 4 of their friends came over, and instead proceeded to color all over her hands and her new dress after I asked her 3 separate times. Both times she wailed, screamed, and threw the biggest tantrums promising to "NEVER do it again".

I cracked open a bottle of wine, called Matt at work, and did a Hi-5 with our maid after watching the defeat take place. Of course, with our luck she'll probably like it tomorrow.

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