Softens Hands While You Do Dishes

This morning, while in the midst of a minor meltdown over my overflowing sink, I sat down at the kitchen table and on my iPhone posted a status update on both Facebook and Twitter.

It said ... "JKP Really wishes she had a dishwasher. And one with a name like Bosch or Kitchen Aid - not Priya or Janifer."

We don't have a dishwasher. I mean, we do... we have a maid. But we don't have a REAL mechanical device for cleaning dishes. Which means that our dishes are never TRULY clean. They are mostly clean. They look pseudo-clean to the naked eye. But they're not sprayed, washed, scalded, and sterilized for an hour in an electric piece of heaven to make me feel like my dishes are Cascade clean.

Never before have I received such immediate and hilarious responses to a posting. Which so-far includes 9 'likes', 16 'comments', and several 'LMFAO's. And mostly from friends who live overseas. Who are in the same boat. Their comments, ranging from commiserating about not having a dishwasher to missing having a garbage disposal, have ignited a thread that has lasted all day long!

And it's heartwarming. Because while misery really doesn't love company while washing dishes, it IS nice to know that I'm not the only one who ends her night as the poster child for Palmolive.

I just wish that the spots on my wineglasses hadn't become a part of every day life overseas.


Crystal said...

I have a dishwasher that has had to be replaced once already and we have only been at post for two months.

The garbage disposal is what I miss the MOST!!! It came to me one day after cursing under my breath for the thousandth time. The Kuwaitis don't care about having a disposal, they never do any dishes!! They don't want to make life easier for household help. They don't care. But I do, I am an independent American! There are sometimes I want things to go down the sink and be chewed up and gone.

Jill, I now know what you mean about a "Love /hate relationsship" with the household help. :) There are pros and cons, huh?

Z. Marie said...

In addition to my Facebook comment, I should mention that our Oakwood dishwasher is HORRIBLE. Kevin has suggested I go ahead and start washing the dishes by hand. Ugh, not gonna happen!

Mom24 said...

We have a Bosch (sorry), and the one feature I love the most is a little light that comes on and indicates the dishes are sanitized. It's awesome. :)

I'm still jealous of the maid though.

Shannon said...

One of the perks of Germany is we do have a dishwasher named Bosch. I grew up hand washing dishes so it doesn't really bother me much to not have a dishwasher but it is nice especially since we could never afford help here so I am the only one loading it. I am trying to teach the kids to use it but really I think I am just making more work for myself that way.

Christy said...

Ugh I feel for you! I didn't know you were on facebook - I just sent you a friend request! I love facebook! So I guess it's impossible to install a dishwasher or you would've done it already? Hopefully your next post will be different and it'll be named Bosch.

I'll Take Mine... said...

Eww, and how do they sanitize? I thought you couldn't use the tap water.
It reminds me of the dorms at college. I called the washers and dryers "dirtiers" and "wetters."

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Just last night, I blogged about the Labrador-to-Bosch pre-wash cycle we currently have going on at our house. Does your dog try to get in on the fun, too?

Anonymous said...

Wanna know why I miss my hot-water-sterilizing-machine?


I assume bottles have the same issues with nipples?

Just. PLAIN. Gross.

still giggling about that thread!

Natalie said...

We are lucky and have a dishwasher, though, this being the Middle East, it conks out on a regular basis and I get crazy and scream at my family about dried-on food. What I miss though is a clothes dryer. Oh, I practically hug and kiss the dryer when we go home to the States on visits. That fluffy warm feeling...


Anyway, I hear you, woman!

Tanya said...

Kitchens here are pretty basic- bench and sink. If you are lucky the previous (western) tenant has put in under bench cupboards and sometimes even cupboards on the wall but they are always tiny-never a pantry so nowhere to put things like cereal etc. We didnt even have hot water in the kitchen when we moved in even though an instant electric under bench water heater is about 40USD. Can you imagine how many times the jug would be boiled in the course of what I would consider 'normal' kitchen use?!!

S said...

oh how I long for a dish washer right now. With living in a hotel apartment for the last 4 weeks and having a "kitchenette" the size of a drawer, I can't wait to move into the house with real appliances. Lucky me though will have a brand new dishwasher waiting for me. But I trade ye for the maid. The place is not even cleaned, so today I have the pleasure of cleaning a house before the movers come and deliver the furniture.

Kirsten said...

Then I suppose you don't want to hear about my two dishwashers that will be installed next week named Bosch and Bosch II?

I'll let you make out with them when you come to visit.


Ramit Grover said...

Oh, to have garbage disposals in India!


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