75 Minutes of WOW!

Actually it was more like 52 minutes, but besides me, who was counting?

We took the girls to see a live show tonight by the Extra Terrestrials, a traveling European acrobatic and entertainment troupe performing in Chennai over the last few days. As their website boasted, these fearless entertainers provided "a 75-minute action packed show that set your heart pounding and your adrenaline racing, with some of the most mind-blowing action, performances, and visual treats the city has ever seen!"

Actually the only one whose heart raced and adrenaline pumped was Sheridan's, as she was petrified of the initial performance by "Hans and Franz", the Hung-arian, gold painted, hand balancing duo, wearing nothing but matching gold thongs and a smile.

The lack of attire seemed to be a theme of the evening, as each artist came out in a more revealing, form fitting, and flamboyant outfit. In addition to the plum smuggling, the stage was abuzz with a montage of different acts ranging from acrobatic gymnasts, unicyclist, hula hoop spinner, illusionist and topped off with a laser light show.

The Extra Terrestrials were advertised on the radio for the past two weeks promising the "Wow-Factor". Being the cynical one, I actually did time the show to see if I got my full Rs 750 worth of "wow". With the first seven minutes of the show devoted to sponsor advertisements, coupled with the two minute introduction to each performance, and minute of awkward silences created when the music abruptly ended following each act, I'd say that the show was probably no longer than 50'ish minutes.

Did I get my money's worth? While it certainly wasn't The Flying Wallendas, Ringling Brothers, or even Cirque de Soleil, it was entertaining. And I did catch myself uttering a "wow" or two during the show. Maybe even three. But who's counting.


Mom24 said...

I'm glad you had a good time. I think entertainment is never, or at least rarely, as advertised anymore.

Tanya said...

We call them 'budgie smugglers' Downunder- thats Downunder as in Oz and NZ :)

Natalie said...

Did you say 'wow' for the performace...or the 'wow...is that going to stay on and am I going to have to have anatomical discussions with my kids after this?' factor? Too funny.

Unknown said...

plum smuggling? lmao

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