It's Been An India Week ... Literally

not figuratively... as last week was India Week at the girls school.

They had a bevy of activities lasting the entire week ... Kathak dancing, a puppet show, Sitar music, and two elementary assemblies, yoga, Bollywood dancing, mehindi, and an Indian lunch.

Here are the girls at their respective assemblies...

Sheridan ... and her KG class

Riley ... the paparazzi parents during the 1st grade performance ...
my girlfriend Kristin (aka Carter's mom) holding Grady

India Week followed the school's annual Welcome Back Picnic and Charity Fair, which was held the previous Saturday, January 30th. It was a day filled with games, prizes, food, and music.

Here they are posing for a few photos with their friend Carter, who spent the day hanging with us, while his folks prepared for his older sister's birthday party.


Mom24 said...

The things your girls are experiencing are truly amazing. I know it's trying for you sometimes, but I'm sure they're oblivious to most of that, and they sure have done some wonderful things.

Kelly said...

OMG the paparazzi parent picture is H.Y.S.T.E.R.I.C.A.L.!!!!

Unknown said...

IT is so awesome how much the girls get to experience. Looks like a busy week!

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