AISC Sports Day

Today was AISC's annual Sports Day for the kids in kindergarten thru second grade. From 9 am - 12 pm the kids participated in 15 different activities ranging from relay races to balloon popping, obstacle courses to tug of war. Each grade was given a different colored t-shirt, the kids were all lathered in sunblock, and then everyone let loose to frolic and sweat in the warm winter sun!

I spent the entire three hours rushing all over the soccer field attempting to split my time between both Riley and Sheridan's classes. Um... didn't exactly happen. But I did manage to take 200 or so photos and 10 videos of them laughing, playing, running, competing, and having a great time.

Here are a few snapshots of their day...


Anonymous said...

That's just amazing!

Between this fun day and Donna's blog post about juggling, it's easy to see that the schools you guys can send your children to overseas are top notch! What a blessing!

Your girls look like they had So. Much. Fun!

Mom24 said...

Your girls are just too cute. Glad they had fun.

Every year our day that's similar to this (except we add a lot of water games as well), is scheduled the last day of school, and every year it's cold and rainy.

Tanya said...

Smiley faces all round :) Totally cool T shirt design but whats the bit in the middle?

Christy said...

So freaking cute - the potato sack race totally brings back memories of my summer camp days!

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