Challah-less in Herzliyya

During the 7 days of Passover, the Jewish laws prohibit one from owning, eating, or benefiting from Chametz (leavened products - such as wheat, barley, oats, spelt, or rye that has not been completely cooked within 18 minutes of coming into contact with water). One of the most significant observances is the removal of Chametz from the home. This commemorates the fact that the Jews leaving Egypt were in a hurry, and did not have time to let their bread rise.

Herzliyya Pituach is not a very religious town, and therefore the grocery stores here do not remove all of the Chametz from the shelves. Instead, they cover them with large sheets of paper or plastic. Some stores are insistent that you can't purchase anything from behind the plastic, though there are many who will turn a blind eye when ringing up your groceries.

This is our first Passover here in Israel as we always took our R&R in April - May. Sadly, I did not do a good job of stocking up on our bread products, and my girls and I are jonesing for some Challah and pita bread. Sunday can't come fast enough!

Here are a few photos from one of my local markets. The sign in the middle says, "Chametz - please do not open."


Unknown said...

This must be a startling sight for non-Jewish expats (the first time they see it).

Jill said...

It's also a bit of a shocker if you're not prepared and don't stock up. We had many friends who went to the market to buy bread and left empty handed. Not a loaf in sight.

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