The "Ick" Factor

Like a moth to a flame, Sheridan is drawn to the most disgusting things one can imagine. As Matt's nemesis (see previous blog about gray hair), her tactile fetishes drive him insane. Just today she managed to touch / play with: chewed gum that someone stuck on the wall outside the coffee shop, bird poop in the backyard not once but twice, and at the end of the day she was elbow deep in urine and toilet water. While this is gross, the icing on the cake is that immediately after touching this stuff, her thumb goes directly back into her mouth.

Our first reactions when seeing this is to sterilize her from head to toe in an isopropol alcohol bath. While none of this is new, it's only getting more agitating as she gets older. At some point we're hoping that she grows out of this.... preferably before moving to India?

She is going to have one strong immune system.


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