Bye-Bye Black Jeep

Matt said good-bye to a dear friend today. Though not one to be very sentimental, he couldn't help but be sad giving away his cherished Black Jeep. It was the perfect car for him - no frills, carefree, open air, fun, and rode like a Radio Flyer wagon.

Everyone recognized Matt's car - it was simply known as "The Black Jeep" among Embassy personnel and the neighborhood. It has been driven around Israel for at least 10 years - passed from diplomat to diplomat.

Matt actually sold the Jeep several weeks ago, but the insurance and registration was paid up through the end of April, so we kept the car as long as we could. The new owner is another dad from the preschool. He had been taking the Embassy shuttle to work everyday, this will be a nice commuter car.

So long and farewell Black Jeep. It's been a nice bumpy ride.

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