STAR Class Ambassador Program

At the beginning of the school year, Riley's teachers introduced the Passport Program. This unit focuses on where the children come from and enhances their cultural identity. They will travel all over the world visiting countries that the STARS represent. On the day of our children's country presentation, they become the Ambassadors.

Last Thursday was Riley's day to become the Ambassador to the United States of America, a place she knows very little about. The parents got together several weeks ago and put together our 20 minute presentation. We showed the map of the USA and had the children point out where they were born, we read a wonderful story about America, we taught the children how to square dance, and they ended it by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. We then did an art project where the kids painted fireworks on black paper, and I brought in the snack of peanut butter / peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and apple slices. It was a great morning.

So far the STAR class has been to Switzerland, Japan, Chile, Tanzania, and the USA. They still need to visit Korea, Israel, Holland, and Russia.

Kit, Riley S, Emily, Riley P, Christian, Gabriel, William, Mia

~ The Moms ~

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