The Jury Has Reached A Decision

It's fairly unanimous ~ the cookbook is a hit! While Riley DEVOURED the zucchini chicken nuggets and the sweet potato schnitzel, Sheridan decided to throw a complete tantrum and not eat anything until she was done screaming and throwing a fit during a 45+ minute on/off time out. When she finally gave in and realized that I was serious when I asked her to take 3 bites, and she was NOT going to go to bed until she ate them, she liked them too.

The mozzarella cheese sticks were a great addition to last night's meal. However, unlike Riley who isn't a fan of cheese (clearly my daughter), Sheridan loved the mozzarella cheese sticks with cauliflower. One word to the wise if you're making cheese sticks ... don't try to double the recipe on your first try. While I thought that I'd make twice as much, I ended up over-rolling the cheese sticks, which turned them into pancakes rather than sticks. They were still good, but they weren't as aesthetically pleasing.

In all, if you're sitting on the fence, the book is definitely a good purchase. Riley now wants me to make the pink pancakes (they're made with beets). Maybe we'll use strawberries instead.

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