"It Got Good Reviews..."

We're movie junkies. Well, Matt is a movie junkie and I am a ...hmmmm... what would you call a person who falls asleep about 2 minutes into a movie? Whatever it is, that's me. We rent movies at least 3 times a week as the cable television here is terrible and there's only so many AFN (Armed Forces Network) public service announcements that one can stand.

Matt checks online weekly to find out the new DVD releases, and then after work heads off to the Laser Center, our local movie rental place, where Maya helps him select a movie. A majority of the time the movies are decent, really good. The other times they're flat out awful. Of course when they are our standard routine is for me to ask him, "what possessed you to rent that movie?", with his standard reply being "It Got Good Reviews". Need I constantly remind him that every DVD jewel case is going to showcase good reviews ... even if they only come from Susan at the Duluth Morning Sun or Mary Beth at the Fresno Gazette.

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Unknown said...

Jill, I've got one word for you. Slingbox.

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