Riley's Bowling Birthday Party

Today was the BIG day ~ the joint party with her friend Emily who turned 5 just a few days after Riley. We combined forces, invited the entire class (and siblings), and split the total bill. Score! The girls had a blast as their entire class made it and celebrated their special days. Of course, the party was a little more chaotic than I had anticipated... Although we had "designated" lanes for the kids to bowl, nobody followed along and it was a complete free for all. Kids bowled in any lane they walked up to, they bowled out of turn, and they walked up and down the lanes ... while the parents stood back and laughed and took photos.

After they each bowled a game (give or take a few frames), they had lunch and then cake and cupcakes. I had purchased a fun castle bundt cake mold to bake, but after realizing the detail I would have to do, I scrapped the idea and just frosted the entire thing pink. I then dumped several other colors on top of it, added a few flowers around it, and voila. Not my best work... but Riley thought it was the best cake ever.

The party was a hit, and after paying the bill, we were able to go home. No set-up, no clean-up, no cake to take home and stuff in the fridge. What a fantastic party!

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