Deceptively Delicious?

Well the jury is still out on that one and won't be back in until tomorrow... If you have young children and you haven't heard of the new cook book out by Jessica Seinfeld, then you must be living under a rock. She's already being sued for copying someone else's cookbook. But... seriously??? How may possible ways are there to make brussel sprout cookies or beet cupcakes?

Several months ago she published this cook book that I perceived as a horrible way that parents would/could/should deceive their children into eating fruits / vegetables. It was heavily publicized and sold at every bookstore and online retailer. My cousin Jody gave me a copy when I was in the States back in December, and it was only this weekend that I finally unpacked my last box from my trip and looked through the book.

Boy was I wrong.

This cookbook has some phenomenal recipes and lots of ideas on how to get fruits / vegetables into every possible meal. While I don't love everything, I have already taken many ideas and incorporated them into this weeks meals. The main premise is to take an hour a week, cook as many fruits and vegetables as possible, puree and freeze them, and then use them in every recipe for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You add the pureed fruits / vegetables in small increments in everything from pancakes to chicken nuggets, and cookies to brownies. You name the food - you can add a fruit or vegetable to it.

Thankfully both Riley and Sheridan love vegetables and you'll often hear them ask for broccoli over chocolate (well you'll hear Riley ~ Sheridan would eat her body weight in crap if you let her). I'm not using this book as a substitute for eating their healthy greens, but I sure am going to be adding some of the vegetables that they don't normally eat into fun foods. Tomorrow night I'm making chicken nuggets with zucchini and sweet potatoes. Wednesday we're going to try homemade mozzarella sticks with cauliflower.

We'll let you know what the jury decides.

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karey m. said...

have been thinking of ordering this book for ages!

lillie, grae and i love your blog...it's one of three i allow them to read. g-rated!

and every once in a while, they get to see g & k, too. bonus!

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