When In Rome ... Er, Newport Beach

I live in THE beautiful capital of the world. It is THE place where you can have THE perfect body if you're willing to either a) spend the time in the gym or b) pay for it.

I learned a lot about beauty the weekend I moved into the rental house and first got together with my neighbors. They told me all about their Restylane, Botox, boob jobs, microdermabrasion, face peels, IPL Laser treatments, and teeth whitening. Oh, and that California is a 50/50 state if you stay married more than 10 years.

They take their doctors, their lawyers, and their referrals very seriously. When these ladies talked, I rolled my eyes listened.

So about 6 weeks ago I went to one of their recommended dermatologists to talk about something that has bothered me for years. YEARS! I went to discuss options to "cure" the Rosacea on my nose.

For as long as I can remember I have had a red nose. The redness of it ebbs and it flows, looking more prominent when it's cold outside or when I have a cocktail. I've tried every gel and cream since college. I've tried every home remedy, cosmeceutical, and new makeup on the market that claims it will hide the redness. Usually people tell me they don't notice it, but that's only because I cake-on the cover up and reapply it throughout the day so that I don't look like Rudolph. I have spent endless hours and dollars dealing with this and have hit the stage where I can finally say I'm just about done.

Enter my last resort. The v-beam laser. My panacea.

Today I began my 2, maybe 3 series laser treatment to reduce the redness on my nose. No more creams. No more gels. No more looking like a clown with the caked-on cover up on my nose. Today is the first day of the rest of my non-red nose life.

The only problem? I'm pain averse.

I usually have a very high pain threshold. Heck, I had Sheridan without an epidural. But the anticipation of today's procedure had me literally hyperventilating in the doctor's office. See, about 12 years ago I was a test dummy for a new laser on my spider veins. Without getting too graphic, let's just say it was one of the worst experiences. My legs were mangled, scabbed, and scarred. I didn't have a great outcome, and the pain was beyond horrific. Without the ability to use the Emla cream to numb my nose and based on my previous experiences, I just wasn't sure that I could handle it.

But I did. And honestly, the pain was quite minimal. The twenty'ish pulses didn't bother me one bit. That is until about ten minutes later when my nose started tingling. Which it's been mildly doing all day. Though it's not bad. Not bad at all.

I go back in mid-December for round two of treatment. If I'm feeling frisky, I may even let her turn up the intensity on the laser. No better time to actually look like one of Santa's reindeer....

The kind nurse took photos of me prior to the procedure.

The "bug eyed" AFTER photos.
With remnants of mascara from yesterday, just for good measure.


A Daring Adventure said...

Heaven have mercy. Even with an electrified bikini on your eyes, you're still gorgeous.

True story: the other day, I was chatting with another bloggy State lady (who will go unnamed). Both of us are in complete agreement: we are both DYING to meet you in person, but will NEVER be caught DEAD in a picture standing/sitting next to you. Or even in the same picture with you. Because basically in every photo I've ever seen you in, you're totally freakin' perfect gorgeous flawless petite beauty-ful. I'm just saying. If I'm never in the same picture with you, there can't be a comparison drawn. The end.

Shannon said...

I really want to know if this works for. I have the red nose plus blotches on my cheeks that showed up when I was pregnant. The doctor said it is the mask of pregnancy it will fade after the baby is born. The kid is 9 years old and I am still blotchy.

I agree with Kolbi, you always look gorgeous in your pictures!

Mom24 said...

Ditto Daring Adventure. Hope the tingling stops soon.

Lisa said...

I have a red nose too ~ I never even knew there was something I could do about it. Yay Jill for sharing your "southern California" advice ;)

I can't find my blog said...

@Darling Adventure- I've got that picture and the worst part is that Jill is a wee sprite of a woman. Yes, she's gorgeous, but standing next to her I look like the queen of the Amazon women. I'm not sure what's worse.

(Jill, you know that I'm kidding, right? I wouldn't trade meeting you for the world!)

Natalie said...

Wow, you have such pretty eyes! Good luck with the silly high maintenance women. I nearly gave myself whiplash with the eye rolling I tried to hide in Dubai.

Christy said...

Awesome - good for you Jill! I lived with you for 48 hours in a hotel and never noticed your red nose! Could have been all the wine I was imbibing...but seriously, let us know how it goes. My nose gets reallly red with the littlest bit of sun - wonder if I'm a candidate too!?

Melissa Angert {All Things Chic} said...

i just started laser hair removal (my sons birth left me with a ... um.. beard.) it wasn't nearly as painful as people said. i barely felt it!

Jen said...

Agree with Kolbi on all counts and glad it went well...I know the dermatologist visits always made me nervous and I was all for numbing agents!

Kirsten said...

Awesome. Can't wait to hear if you like the results!

p.s. My secret: I've had Botox injections (but not on my face).

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

wow! can't wait to hear more about this, my gorgeous friend!

Emily said...

I have the desire to have several things "done", however, I don't have the money or the time for what I want. Even though things here in Tijuana are cheaper, I don't think I want it that bad.

I think it is awesome you posted these pictures!
I can't wait to see the completed procedure with before and after!

Daniela Swider said...

That is very good to know because I have recently started noticing little burst blood vessels around my nose. I have the little boy in my belly to thank for that because I didn't have it before I got pregnant. But it is good to know that there may be a solution.

And I agree with Kolbi, you look totally gorgeous in all your pictures! Hope all goes well with the laser procedures.

Kat said...

Oh man. Remind me to NEVER move to California. My self esteen would seriously plummet. I'm not sure I could handle it.

Good for you for getting your treatment! Little things like that can make such a huge difference in your life! :)

Unknown said...

I've got the same on my cheeks. Hate It. I wanted to see a derm but I have to wait until Feb! Feb before I can even get an appt.

I'm glad you found a solution. I know how it feels to be....red....

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I have a few laser fixable issues that I'd love to tackle. Of course the biggest one is crazy expensive and not at all covered by insurance even though it will eventually develop into something that IS. I can't really tell from pictures - but I'm sure it will look fantastic (even though I always thought you were movie star beautiful and never noticed the red nose).

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