Thanks For The Memories

I said good-bye to a close friend today. I had only known her for 4 years, but the memories we shared together will last a lifetime.

When we met in February, 2005 we had an instant attraction to each other. I saw her across a crowded parking lot. Her pearly headlights just sung to me. She liked the feeling of my tush on her warm suede and leather skin. One evening together was all I needed - I knew she would be mine.

We went everywhere together; Dubai for a long weekend, off-roading on the beaches in Oman, down to Eilat, up to the Sea of Galilee, and all over Israel. She was able to handle the endless vomiting from the kids AND the dog; it never bothered her. She could deal with 7 people at once. She was reliable, low maintenance, and with her size, always made sure I had the right of way.

Sadly, I knew that our love wouldn't last forever. She's from the UK, and well - we're not. Four years was a nice run. Nobody will ever take her place. She was a dream. She was my dream. She was my baby. Now she's gone.

Good-bye beautiful Silver 2003 Land Rover Discovery TL2 that's fully loaded, with dual sunroof, grill guard, roof rack and running boards. I hope you make your new family as happy as you've made me.

Day we brought her home ....... Our first off-road trip to Seifa Beach

On the drive down to Eilat ...... Our last moments together


Digger said...

I hope you found her another nice diplomat's family to live with!

Jill said...

It did! It went to a nice Swedish Diplomat family. They're going to take it back with them next year.

C.C. said...

Oh man, Jill, I can sympathize with you on this (well on everything you're going through now!). I miss my quirky/ugly Ford Sierra stationwagon that I drove in Harare years ago...I coveted my friend's Land Rover though. Those are nice vehicles!

Anonymous said...

You have my sympathy Jill, but you get to keep the memories!! Thanks for a touching post.

Cynthia said...

Aww, bye bye car...sniff.

Jennifer said...

It's always hard to say goodbye to a beloved. At least you have the memories!

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