It's a Sleepover!

Riley attended her first ever sleepover tonight with all the girls from her preschool class. We didn't think she was old enough to handle a sleepover, but since every girl was going, we decided to give it a try. Worst case scenario was that we'd received a call at 10 pm telling us we needed to pick her up.

We dropped her off at 5:30 pm, and once inside, she wanted NOTHING to do with me. The mom of the girl who hosted the crazy 7-person sleepover had pillowcases silk screened with each girl's name on them. They were too cute! The sleepover was planned for this particular weekend as everyone knew it was the last time that all the girls would be together. They're a very tight knit little group - and oh so adorable together. It's going to be very hard for Riley to leave them.

As excited as Riley was to stay the night, so sadistic was I just thinking about this brave mom who would be dealing with 7 girls in the wee early hours in the morning. I know that Riley gets up at the ass-crack of dawn, and so do many of the other girls. I'm sure that they'll be up by 6 am with breakfast served no later than 7 am. I pray that Riley doesn't have a pee pee accident; it would be just my luck. Bless them for doing this. Better her than me... way better her than me.

L to R: Riley S, Osher, Riley P, Mia, Kit, and Jana

The big mattress-fest where they'll be sleeping

UPDATE: I received a text message at 10:20 pm saying that all the girls were fast asleep and were doing a-ok. Still no word on the pee pee accidents... I'll keep y'all posted.


Mom24 said...

Wow! Too cute. I can not even imagine hosting that. No way. Slumber parties with older kids still give me the shakes, I can't imagine little ones! What a great memory for your little one though.

My 5 year old went to a party from 5-7 once that was a "sleepover". They decorated pillow cases, ate pizza, did crafts, read a story... then went home! Now that I might repeat sometime.

I hope you had fun while she was away.

G in Berlin said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Thing1 vomited last night, so sickness is ongoing...
Wow, the girls look so cute! I don't think I managed a sleep over until I was 8, so I can't believe Riley could! Congratulations.

Unknown said...

Hey, at least you weren't the nutjob hosting it.

I'm just saying.

karey m. said...

god, that was something i wouldn't or couldn't do...the little girl in the hot pink is posing like a supermodel! cracking me up...

Jill said...

I still give that mom credit... bless her sweet heart. However, there's no way in hell I'll be doing that any time soon!

The girl in pink is Jana - our Swiss friend - and she is a HOOT. She told a little boy last week that she loves him and was going to marry him.

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