International Show

Last night we attended our 3rd and last International Day Show at the American Embassy preschool. The show is the culmination of the year focusing on "The Circle of Life" with songs, movement, and dance.

I got a seat on the grass, front and center. I brought my video camera and my Canon SLR to capture every possible minute. I warned everyone around me that I'm a cryer, and to expect me to choke up throughout the entire performance. True to form, I certainly did not disappoint.

The show was adorable. The kids performed beautifully. The costumes were sweet. Everyone had a ball. The best part of all was finding out that the preschool will remain open next year as it is being absorbed by The American International School, and now not only are the teachers accredited, so will be the school.

Excited to perform at the beginning ... Crying and needing consolation

Riley refused to look at me .... Still trying hard not to look at me

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Mom24 said...

Soooo precious! How are they doing about the move? I hope it's not stressing them.

I definitely cry at all of those things too. I'll be choked up watching my daughter march in the parade on Monday.

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