School Photos

I re-took the preschool photos yesterday as many kids have joined the school mid-year and some have sadly moved on ... (the realities of an international school).

I'm the semi-official preschool photographer. I would say I'm the official photographer, but frankly every parent is an official photographer at some point.

Here are photos of the girls class' and the whole school. Can you pick out Sheridan in her class photo? She always makes me so proud!

.......... Sheridan's "Duckling" Class ..........

.... Entire Preschool Photo ........ Riley's "Star" Class Photo ...


Cynthia said...

Nice pics:)

Anonymous said...

These are great! I love kids' faces in group photos. They are soooo innocently defiant.

(by the way, "registered Banana Republican"? Genius.) ;)

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