We're Here!

Well we made it to California AND it was almost an enjoyable experience... Except the part about getting up at 2 am, taking 2 airplanes, having a 5 hour layover in Germany, and paying almost 1 Euro for 2 extra ketchup's in MacDonald's.

The girls were amazing - not a single meltdown on the airplane (of course they were pooped and drugged). However, when we got into the terminal in San Francisco, Sheridan let a serious meltdown fly about wanting to pull Riley's bag and something else I can't remember. It was a doozy of a scream fest, but at least it wasn't on the plane.

It wouldn't be a Perlman trip without a little vomit. Right when we got to Ben Gurion airport, Sheridan stuck her finger down her throat a little too much and puked all over herself and the stroller. Thankfully we had our luggage right there and after cleaning her up in the bathroom, we were able to ditch the sweater, clean the stroller and the pants, and throw the stuff in our bags. Of course, it was the only sweater I brought for her...

Sheridan woke up this morning at 4:30 am, Riley woke up at 5 am, and I finally got up at 5:15 am. I think we're all a little pooped. I've already had a Starbucks coffee, been to Target, had Mexican for lunch, and am about to head out to Old Navy. What a great first day!

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Emily said...

Gotta love international travel. It'd make me wanna puke too. :p

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