Israel Reunion Dinner

In 1989 I went with 38 kids from the San Francisco Bay Area on a 6-week trip to Israel organized by the Jewish Federation. We had a fantastic trip and an amazing bonding experience that kept us in touch for the rest of our Junior and Senior years of high school. However, as we got older and time moved on, we all slowly went our separate ways. Within the last few years I began communicating with a few people from the trip, and when we decided to come out to California now for our last R&R, one of the girls suggested we do a mini reunion dinner. One catch was that we didn't have many people's contact information. Through the magic of "friend finder" sites; Classmates.com, Reunion.com, Facebook, Myspace, and of course google, we were able to track several people down.

Last Saturday night we met up in Pleasanton for dinner. While only 6 people (not including significant others) from the trip could make it, we had a great time reminiscing, catching up, and re-bonding. We're going to try to do this again this summer when we're back in town and I'm sure that we'll get many more to come. What fun.

L to R: Sol, Mihal, Michael, Justin, Jennifer, and me

Group with Spouses

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