Last night we took the girls to see a live performance of Cinderella at the Tel Aviv Community Theatre. We went with our friends John and Christine and their daughter Kit (Gabby was home sick). The girls got dressed in their snappiest outfits and took naps during the day so they could stay awake for the 7:30 pm show.

The show was performed by a local British Comedic acting troupe, with humor along the lines as Monty Python. The show was great - very funny, though not entirely geared towards young kids. The stepmother and stepsisters were played by BIG burly men, while the role of Prince Charming was played by a female. At the end of the show they were able to take photos with the cast. We were quick to get them to pose with Cinderella and Prince Charming, although they cried when we tried to get them take a picture with the ugly stepsisters.

The girls really enjoyed the show and managed to stay up until they got back into the car at 10:30 pm. Then they crashed...and Sheridan woke up early, while Riley slept until almost 9am.

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