Oh Yes - Another Night Out With The Cousins!

Last night we went to dinner at Jody and Darin's house with the whole gang; Cynthia and Marv, Uncle Marty, Shelley, Doug, Morgan, and Evan, and the Katz gang - Heather, Stu, et al. Jody hosted a great evening filled with chili, grilled cheese paninis, raviolis, salad, and of course, cake to celebrate Sheridan's 3rd birthday (again), Asher's 1st birthday, and Andrew's 5th birthday. Cousin Morgan even made cupcakes for all the kids. The kids ran around for over 5 hours without a single meltdown - it was amazing!!! They had an unbelievable time playing with all their cousins; we enjoyed schmoozing until 10:45 pm. A fantastic time was had by ALL. Tons of photos below.

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