The Zoo

After another quick trip to Target, we packed up the gang and went to the Happy Hollow Park & Zoo in San Jose. This park was similar to Legoland in that it's geared entirely towards kids ages 2-10. The park was divided into two sections; a small zoo on one side and a playground/amusement park on the other. We started at the zoo and took a little over an hour to walk around and see all the animals. The girls (and Matt) loved seeing the lemurs, jaguar, parrots, tortoise, meerkat, capybara, pot bellied pits, and a few more that I can't remember now. However, they were less than thrilled with feeding the goats, the ram, or the little donkey. They didn't like getting their hands dirty.... prima-donnas that they are.

After the zoo we walked over to the amusement park area where they rode the carousel, the cars, and played on the jungle gyms. We left around 3pm and rushed the girls home for some much needed naps. Here's a photo of the girls with my parents (aka Bubbie and Zadie).

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