Weekend in Review

What a whirlwind of a weekend! Friday morning Matt had to have more oral surgery to take out the stitches and correct one tooth that didn't graft as nicely as the periodontist would have liked. Oh was he in a good mood when he returned home. The entire weekend after that was spent visiting family. Saturday morning we went to the swap meet in Orange County, Saturday afternoon we went to Matt's folks beach house to see Matt's cousins and aunt and uncle, and the evening we went to my aunt and uncle's (aka Matt's first cousins ... if you don't already know the story, e-mail me offline later) for dinner.

Sunday we had a lovely brunch at Matt's folks house along with his grandmother and close family friend who was in from Connecticut. The rest of the day was devoted to laundry and packing. We got onto the road around 4 pm and had another 7+ hour drive back to my parent's house. Here we'll stay until we fly back to Israel, via Chicago, on Wednesday.

The Girls with Great-Grandma Vera

The Girls with Poppa and Grandma Micky

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