Sheridan's New Bedding

Several months ago I saw a duvet cover for the girls that I fell in love with. However, it was ridiculously expensive. I decided then that I would make one myself. So after purchasing a sewing machine and taking sewing lessons from a girlfriend, I designed a duvet cover for Sheridan. This last weekend I recently finished Sheridan's new ensemble. Here are some photos of her reversible duvet cover, and the bedskirt that I completed. The front is a patchwork design, made up of 9 different colored fabrics and sashing. The back is strips of 4 different fabric colors. Both girls love the duvet - and as soon as I get Riley's fabric, I'll be making one for her too.

The front of the duvet

The back of the duvet

The view of the front of the duvet

View of one side of her bedding...

The ruffle was a smidge difficult to do... but I love how it turned out.

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Anonymous said...

Love this mix pattern toddler bedding set!! Prefect color choice for girls bedding!! Lovely!!

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