My Kind Of Town... Chicago Is

We're Home! After a wonderful trip to Chicago, and a few not-so-nice flights to Tel Aviv, we're back home now and adjusting to the 10 hour time change. Our 24 hour stop over in Chicago was fantastic ~ a nice break in the travel, and an opportunity of a lifetime for the girls to meet their cousins.

(From L to R: Jonah, Gabe, Sheridan, Riley, Samantha, Ari, and Tristan. These are my 1st cousins children.)

We still can't believe how many people came to see us ... Zadie and Muriel came with Uncle Steve and Auntie Laurie on the 2 hour drive from South Bend, Auntie Debbie, Melissa, Ari, and Tristan made the 4 hour schlep from Indianapolis, Gail and Sam also made a 4 hour schlep from Michigan, Auntie Ettie, David and Amy, Jamie, and Cousin Ronnie all made the drive in from downtown Chicago to see us too. And of course, Hal, Jenny, Jonah, and Gabe opened up their house and not only had everyone over for dinner and chaos, but they also let us stay the night!! The girls had an amazing time connecting with their cousins, aunts, uncles, and big Zadie, and we enjoyed catching up with everyone as best we could in a short amount of time. I took over 100 photos of the kids and family ~ I narrowed it down here as best I could.


Thanks again to everyone who came to see us. We had an amazing day and only wish we had more time to really sit down and talk. Next year in Yerushalayim?

We're off now to go pick up Libby from the Dog Farm. We couldn't pick her up yesterday as the place was closed for Shabbat. We're looking forward to seeing our furry friend and giving her a bath. Tonight we hope that Sheridan stays in her crib as she's been climbing out about on average about 10 times every night. I can't wait for the Embassy to deliver her new bed this week! Wish us luck that she starts to sleep through the night soon.

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Emily said...

I spent 4 wonderful years in Chicago. Such a great city.

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