What Does $15 Get You In El Salvador?

An entry into the Run El Salvador 5k Night Run ... along with a swag bag, t-shirt, time chip ... AND a slice of pizza and a beer after the race.

The start time was 9 pm, which was teetering a tad too close to my bedtime.  Even on a Saturday night.  Thankfully I was encouraged to rally by a gaggle of Embassy friends. 

Of course, it shouldn't have surprised me that when they said "Night Run", they course organizers TRULY meant, "you'll be running on the pothole-filled streets and highways in San Salvador in the absolute pitch black with zero street lights and few course markers, which you won't even be able to see because, did we mention ... no street lights?"

I didn't have a PR.  I didn't break an ankle.  We got the once in a Salvadorean lifetime opportunity to play a wicked game of "chicken" as we had to run across a BUSY road to get to our car ... AND we somehow managed to survive.

I'm calling last night's run a win.



Natasha said...

I did that run! Did you get a hideously ugly neon yellow shirt? ;) Glad you had fun!

Unknown said...

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