Marine Corps Ball ... aka Prom For Adults

Last night we attended the 239th birthday of the Marine Corps.  It was a beautiful event held outside at ILEA, the International Law Enforcement Academy here in San Salvador. 

It's been 7 years since Matt and I got this gussied up, and wow was it worth it!  This Marine Detachment is a special group of young men, who have enhanced our family's time here at post.  It was an honor to take part in their party, and share it not only with them, but with the dear friends we have made here in El Salvador. 

Of course, no fancy evening is complete without your maid seeing you in your bra and underwear as she helps tie, yank, pull, and bustle you into your dress ... as you pantomime and attempt to explain in your rudimentary Spanish, "mas apretado entonces mi pechugas no caer" ... which sadly translates into, "tighter so my chicken breasts no to fall." 

She got the point.

 "Cougar" Bootcamp ladies ... and our Bodies by Rene

 Our table mates ...
 Such a fantastic RSO office ...

 But wait ... lemme take a selfie!

 Thanks for the memories Marines!  Until next year ...

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Unknown said...

Awesome photos. Jill, your dress is exquisite!

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