Candy. Costumes. Chaos.

Embassy El Salvador takes Halloween VERY seriously.  Which works out well, as we do too.

For instance ... the small area we decorated around Matt's office.

Which was NOTHING compared to the unbelievable decorations we saw in all of the offices when we took the kids Trick or Treating last Thursday.  From surreal haunted houses with amazing special effects to an office performance of Phantom of the Opera ... we were gobsmacked with the creativity.  This Embassy brings their "A" game when it comes to the Holidays!

Friday evening greeted us with a well planned Embassy-only trick or treating escapade within our gated community.  Followed by two parties on Saturday; a birthday party for the girls and a costume party at the Marine House for the adults.

As always, Matt and I got into the Halloween Spirit and channeled our inner Hunger Games.  Here we are sporting our best Effie Trinket and Caesar Flickerman.

Most of our friends here made it to the party ... with a sampling of some of the costumes ...

The rest of the Hunger Games Cast ... Katniss & Peeta too!

 Members of the "Cougar Bootcamp" ... with our instructor Rene.

Let us not forget the gratuitous kids costume photo from their party on Saturday night.  Who doesn't love a 'tween birthday party where costumes are "recommended"?  The girls had a great time dressing up for the third day in a row.  

 Why yes, we did have a rocking game of dueling Effie's going on.  Like mother - like daughter!

Until next Halloween ... where we thankfully have more than enough candy to tide us over ... Go figure!

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