Slowly But Surely, Everything Is Heading South And Falling Into Place!

First our belongings were sent.

Then our car left town.

Last Wednesday morning, at O'dark thirty, Matt got on a plane and left for El Salvador a month ahead of us.  We miss him already.  

And thank goodness I had the foresight when I bought Matt's Jeep to register it in my name.  Who knew I'd be stuck selling it on my own a year later (um ... aside from me).  This ad on our Foreign Service Facebook Group and Craigslist seemed to do the trick.  Car sold in less than 6 hours!

2013 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited

Moving to or in the surrounding DC area and want a wicked fun car to drive this summer and beyond? Our move to San Salvador next month is YOUR gain. This excellent condition, black, 4-door Jeep has 14,600 miles and was purchased just 13 months ago as a gift for my husband's completion of a 2nd Unaccompanied Tour. The Jeep was driven to/from FSI for language training and a bridge assignment in Rosslyn, and since my husband passed his class after listening to Spanish Podcasts on the drive, this Jeep comes with extra Mojo!

The hard top comes off in 3 pieces ... two of them over the drivers seats as an "extended sunroof", which takes less then 3 minutes to undo (with or without your spouse). The rest of the top comes off with a little help from a friend or two and can easily be stored in a garage (when it's not raining outside and you can actually enjoy the weather). Though I digress ... I should also mention that it seats 3 kids (with at least 1 in a car seat) perfectly in the back row, and the rear view mirror easily tilts so you can see your kids when you're disciplining them through clenched teeth.

Kelly Blue Book values this Jeep anywhere between $33K - $33,900K, but can be yours for the no haggle price of $32K.  Email Jill at mjperlman@me.com if you're interested. Serious buyers only please as I'm hotel bound with 3 kids while my husband has already departed to post. Lucky SOB.


NY, Muscat, Tel Aviv, Chennai, Baghdad (ISMA in CA), DC, Herat (ISMA in DC), FSI, San Salvador (in 4ish weeks - though not soon enough).

Let the countdown begin!

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