Road Trip!!

We hopped into an Embassy bus yesterday with 15 people and caravanned with six other cars on our first road trip to Lake Coatepeque, a volcanic lake situated in a crater, about an hour outside of San Salvador. 

Several families got together and rented the house for the night (something we'll definitely do in the future), while the rest of us tagged along to hang out at the lake or swim in the pool for the day. 

The day was filled with food, cocktails and meeting new friends.  We spent most of our time at the end of the dock, relaxing in the lake, enjoying the beautiful lush surroundings, and playing games in the water.  After just enough sun and chips, we began the drive home mere minutes before the nightly torrential rainstorms.  Grady annoyed entertained everyone with his endless questions and games and earned his new nickname, "Cowboy Master"... right before he fell asleep on one of our new dad-friends.

I think we're gonna like it here.

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Betsy said...

It looks so beautiful there!! It's wonderful that you are all together again. :)

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