Pass The Tissues

The tears.  They just keep falling.  And the ugly cry?  With the runny nose and the big heaving sobs?   Oh yes.  We Perl Girls have no problem showing our emotional side.

I hate goodbyes.  It's one of my least favorite things in this Foreign Service lifestyle.  Especially here in the States where many of our friends are living in their forever homes, and our short Stateside tour near them is on borrowed time.

In less than 6 hours we will be on a plane to El Salvador.  The culmination of 18 months of planning coming to an abrupt end in far fewer hours than a 5-year old child's attempt at a good night sleep.  As much as we are all looking forward to our new adventures, these past 24 hours with so many of our nearest and dearest friends have reminded us how lucky we have truly been. 

From a rockin' dinner and sleepover with Riley's bestest friends and their families, to a friend who opened her house while she was out of town for me to do our stinky camp laundry, to endless friends stopping by our hotel to give us hugs and wish us well, to an angel of a girlie who helped me deliver Matt's car to its new owner and pack several bags while I laid on the floor for 2 hours with a splitting headache, to our last supper with Grady's group of preschool friends and their families who have become my dearest circle of girlfriends. 

Despite being ready to go for so very long, it is always hard to leave.  Especially when you see your daughters' fiercely hug their besties goodbye while the tears of love and friendship, sadness and apprehension fall from their cheeks.  There is no way to adequately describe the roller coaster of emotions we are all feeling tonight. 

Thankfully this isn't goodbye.  Only until we meet again ...

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mpalmedo said...

Still tears. Don't know what we'll do without you but Jacob says we're coming to visit soon. Make room :)

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