Sure The Photo May Be A Wee Bit Blurry ...

... but the sentiment?  Couldn't be clearer.

There are many reasons why I absolutely LOVE the Foreign Service.  Meeting dear friends abroad, who you met almost 10 years ago, who AREN'T even part of the FS?  Top of the list!  

Especially when you get a picture sent to you like this.  Of your husband, who you just sent back to his unaccompanied post, far far away ... and the sweetest of friends.  The Brits.  The Canadians.  And the Americans.  Who you met in Muscat, Oman, during your first overseas tour.  Who all ended up moving to Dubai.  And who all made an effort to get together when they knew Matt was coming through town on a brief layover. 

It makes your heart swell and tears sting your eyes.

I saw each of these families through pregnancy and babies.  In fact, the cutie holding the smart phone taking the picture, was actually in the hospital having her son the SAME day that I was having Sheridan.

The one next to Matt?  We met her when they first moved to Oman, and after having gone on several vacations with them (including Matt's amazing cave repelling trip), planned a surprise baby shower for her, snapped photos of her newborn, and still stay in touch with her parents.  Well ... we're beyond blessed to call her/them friends.

There is so much that this lifestyle offers.  But to make lifelong friendships.  With people all over the world.  Who truly solidify the true meaning of "It takes a village ...".   Well, for once I'm speechless.

Thank you Dina, Dave, Kerstin, Rob, Dawn, and Martin for hanging with my husband.  You remind me why I'm excited to move back overseas again.

Now forgive me for the embarrassment as I take you down memory lane ...

L: Surprise baby shower March, 2004.  R: Mackenzie's birth in June, 2004

Cooper is born.  September, 2004

L: A line of pregnant ladies in October, 2004.  R: About to pop.  November, 2004

Thanksgiving at our house 2004

In the hospital together.  Sheridan and Hamish born about 5 hours apart. 

L: Sheridan and Hamish.  R: Babies / Toddlers from our playgroup

Our very last play date in Oman


Christy said...

OH wow!!!! So awesome. Brought tears to my eyes!!!

Kat said...

What an amazing group of friends. And thank you for sharing the photos with us! :)

anymommy said...

Lovely. Matt and I found (in our very brief time abroad) that there are no friends like the friends you make when everyone has left their support system behind them.

Anonymous said...

I'm not in the FS, but couldn't agree more with the sentiment. The friends, the memories--how I love living the expat life!

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