'C' Is For Cookie ...

... Girl Scout Cookies that is!  And this year my friend Jen and I are joining efforts to ship these delicious cookies to any U.S. Consulate or Embassy in the world!  So get your orders ready.

If you remember, two years ago my daughter Riley set up her shop to ship cookies anywhere in the world.  And last year, Jen's daughter Kelsey did the same thing.  As we both know how much work it is for the girls (and us moms) to submit and track the orders, collect the money, pack the boxes, address the customs envelopes, and take the boxes to the post office, we thought that this year we would join forces.

First and foremost, we don't want to step on anyone's toes, so our efforts are focused on providing Girl Scout Cookies solely to our Foreign Service friends overseas, where we can ship to any APO/FPO/DPO or pouch address.  If you are our family member or personal friend and want to buy from us rather than from the little girlies who are SURE to knock on your door sometime in the next few months, that's great too.  But we'll take care of you outside of this joint venture. 

Just like the last few years, the cookies are only $4 / box ... with all your favorites returning!

Thin Mints
Thank You Berry Munch
Dulce de Leche
Savannah Smiles

Here's how to order:

1) Attempt to narrow down how many boxes you want (versus how many boxes your eyes and stomach want.) 

2) Send an email to DSforGS@yahoo.com by Friday, January 18th, with ...

* Your Name
* Your Post
* Your Address
* Exactly how many of each kind you'd like

3) When the cookies come in (sometime in mid-February), we'll send you an email invoice letting you know your totals.  Then just send us your payment via paypal, and we'll get them out to you ASAP. 

It's THAT simple.

We will be shipping the cookies in the USPS Flat Rate boxes.  The current APO/FPO rate is $13.45 for a 12" x 12" x 5 1/2" box ... and we can fit 8 boxes of cookies in them.  And as an incentive ... you pay the first $10 / box, and we'll pick up the rest!

A wee bit of additional information :

** If you are at a post overseas, pass along this information to ANY of your friends.  We would LOVE to outfit your entire Consulate or Embassy. 

** Consider combining orders with your friends to help reduce shipping costs.

** Between the two families, our girls sold over 1100 boxes of cookies to 50+ countries during the last two years to FS personnel. 

** We set up the DSforGS@yahoo.com email address so that we could make it easy to get more cookies shipped out to more places.  If you know either of us personally and want our daughters to send out your cookies - no worries.  Just say so in your email.  Otherwise, we have divided up the world behind the scenes so that all you need to do is send in your order, and let us take care of the rest!

Now what are you waiting for?  Happy ordering!

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Hadley Happenings said...

Jill - I shared with my friend who is DOJ working in Athens. Asked to pass along to anyone at the Embassy who might be interested. Sometimes we all like a reminder of "home." :)

Lynn Hadley

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